Global & Local Investment Advisors - Advisory Process
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Advisory Process


The advisory process followed by Global & Local will be underlined by the standards and philosophy underwritten by the company. All business transactions will be undertaken through employing the ethics embraced by Global & Local.

Our advisory process is driven by these simple philosophies

  • All investments are kept as accessible as possible.
  • All transactions and fees are transparent and disclosed to the client.
  • Insurance is required to cover risks where they are identified.
  • Long-term relationships are required with each and every client.
  • Tax implications are considered.

When dealing with any new clients our advisory process will be as follows:

  1. Initial informal meeting to gather client’s information and personal financial requirements.
  2. The information gathered at the initial meeting is then collated and analysed, upon which an initial proposal is formulated.
  3. The proposal is then e-mailed to the client. The client is then left to read through this proposal, to allow the client to consider the proposed recommendations.
  4. A telephone call is then placed to the client to determine whether the client has read the proposal and whether the client would like to continue the process. If this is the case then a 2nd appointment is confirmed.
  5. The Global & Local advisor then meets the client and works through the proposal and determines which recommendations in the proposal need to be implemented.
  6. Recommendations are then implemented as per the client’s instruction and service level commitment is determined with the client.
  7. Monitoring and managing the client’s portfolio through the review process and adjustment to the portfolio periodically if required.

It is the aim of Global & Local Investment Advisors to build long-term relationships with our clients, their families, business associates and contacts.

Global & Local’s business procedures are always in compliance with the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, as well any other legislation that broadly governs the financial services industry.

Our Aims

Global & Local aims to provide an above average return to all our clients with investments housed within South Africa and offshore.

When providing investment advice to our clients, especially when this is based on the selection of Collective Investment Schemes (Unit Trusts), our advice is based our own research and knowledge of the investment institutions fund managers. Our process in determining which funds is based on the following:

Input is gathered from well-known economists and investment institutions, and this is then merged with our own economic forecasts and analysis.

The “Investment Grade” universe of collective investment schemes is then used to construct your own customized investment portfolio which is aimed at meeting your own special requirements.